Are you a Follower or a Fan?

Are you a Follower or a Fan?

Are you a Follower of Jesus or a Fan? Followers strive through Obedience. Obedience keeps you near to your leader. We all are fans of something but fans can just quit liking you when you do something they don’t like. Hmm? Jesus liked us (became a follower through hope) long before we became followers or fans. He PAID IT ALL knowing that some of us wouldn’t even strive to ADD HIM to their circle. Then some ADD HIM to the circle because it is what’s hip, in, and what is popular… but followers continue after Him even when others of leadership abilities walk away. The Bible says even when some of the Disciples (Pastors)walked away because the climb (Adversity) of the mountain got steep, a great crowd STILL followed (Paraphrased). Followers can’t QUIT! We simply don’t know how.


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