Causes and Effects/Affects- “Be.” – an excerpt from the upcoming book: “A Letter to the Almost unBeliever.”

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Causes and effects/affects of “Be.”

To really process all that was happening in my Life, I had to truly step outside of me for a moment and observe all my proclivities and responses to that which motions my senses. Not only did I realize my imbalance, but I had journeyed more toward the effects of my life without a cause. See, what you do or your next decision to do causes an effectual fervent prayer over your life or an effectual fervent downfall. We cannot have two masters and because of this truth, every time we decide an answer of our lives, we place a wheel into motion{figuratively}. Simply put, the beauty of God is his simplicity toward us and His answers for our lives are black and white. But the color of it all is that He thought about each one of us and how my connection ties with your connection and so forth and so on. Truly there is no coincidence in God! To that purpose is why He knows what we have need of before we could ever ask or think it. And He has promised to supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. So, after those facts there must be a balance to keep the steady from rogue elements that always aspire to take without consequences.

Every Life begins with a Cause. It is the BE before the Cause that makes us do the things we do! God said, “Let there BE” and it was. You are created in His image and His likeness. He has given you Dominion and Power not only to rule the land and all animals but to rule yourself. It is called CHOICES. There are some words that move the hand of God to either motion or give another the power to motion on your behalf. Jesus – the bible teaches that demons tremble at the mention of his name, and God has given him a name that is above every name. That might not move you to a place of haste to the utterance of his name but just in case there are any devils or demons around you trying to attach or dispatch its imps upon your life, I would scream out the name JESUS!!!!!! Because it is at that name that every knee shall bow and every heart (tongue) will confess that Jesus is Lord.
I AM – this is Gods name. Moses asked God what to say when they ask who have sent me to the children of Israel. God replied: I AM THAT I AM! The two words denote that there is none greater, will be none greater, and none can be created that could be greater. It stands as a single entity; rule, judge, and jury of it all without cause to ever repent, lie, or show respect of persons.
The definition of AM is a verb that is used with the word I as the first person singular version of the word be.
BE – For everything God said let their BE…it was! BE has a command to it. BE brings its attachment to existence. BE motions the elements to remind the atmosphere that this needs to occur or take place. It is the same rule of practice you use when you are in a library or your study place with someone being obnoxiously loud. You motion to them to “Be Quiet” but have you ever noticed that when you said that “Be Quiet,” others that heard you say it lowered their voices automatically also? It is a command word that forces the focus of the elements to obedience. “Be Still” commands your child to an obedient posture even just for a few moments even at the age of one, in which they don’t clearly understand what you just said anyways. But it was the command of the BE that causes the motion to move on your behalf! Somebody better get this!!! Be gentle, Be kind, Be strong, Be pleased are all words beckoning the motion or notion of the elements to bring to past what I just said.
Can I take a minute and speak to the believers, the almost unbeliever, and everyone else reading this? We should speak more BE words in this atmosphere especially as Christians professing to be like Christ with Power, Conviction, and Anointing. What about Be Whole, Be Healed, Be Free, Be Ye Changed, Be Delivered, Be Thankful, or even Be Merciful. I have found that people tend to throw the book at another person’s life for the same accusation that someone showed you leniency or mercy for more than once. God Forbid! Everyone deserves another and another chance. Not just you!
One more? Be Blessed! How is it that you walk right by me in church, on the street, see me in my car, at my house, or on the job and don’t speak a blessing on my life, yet you call yourself my brother or sister? Better yet you call yourself a Child of the King and that you are a great representation of who and how Christ would present himself to the least of us. Come on now. Stop playing. This is ministry and we all are ministers sent and set here to tell others about the goodness of our God! There should be a Good God Bless Ya at every turn of the believer’s life. If you are a Christian but all I hear is negative overtures coming out of your mouth and it seems that all people have to say about you is negative things, the devil is after your peace and serenity, but I hope you didn’t give him the power to snatch it from you?

Be motions the Cause in your life and every time there is a cause, there will be an effect that brings about an affect in your life. Let me explain. Danny and Felicia are no longer a couple. Danny fought Felicia. Felicia’s Mother and Brothers found out. Danny is no longer allowed on the same block as Felicia. What is the BE? Remember, it is what comes to past.
Be – Danny is not allowed on the same block as Felicia and they are no longer a couple. Cause – The Fight. The Effect – an emotional threatening by Felicia’s Mother and Brothers and Felicia’s torn emotional heart strings telling them about it. The Affect – Hurt, Hatred, Anger, Pride, Brokenness, etc.
Now the same thing happens when we as christians make ungodly decisions for our lives. The difference is forgiveness from God is not like forgiveness from man. Although I don’t condone a man putting his hand on a woman in no violent manner, I caution all about involving your relatives in your in-house family disputes. Who you live with is your family. Who you are related to outside your home is your relatives. Once you cross the line between family and relatives, there may be no going back to normalcy. Can I be real here? If you are leaving him and you know you aren’t going to accept him back, attach yourself back to your relatives. But if you know you were the cause of the situation secretly or openly and the past love he has shown you may not allow you to draw away from him that easy, it may be best not to involve your relatives in your family internal battles. The minute you go back to loving him or her doesn’t cause me to effectually feel the same way! And if not careful, this creation will cause relatives and Family to not be related when in fact the blood is still there!!!

Remember I said for everything you do, for every cause you set in to motion with the unspoken BE, and because you chose your way, your Life will harvest what you asked for?
We never seem to focus on the cause for a long period of time and I seemed to enjoy the actions of the cause without any focus on the unspoken BE Rule, nor what I was putting into motion that would ultimately effect and have an affect on my life. Most times, Causes that were not good happened from dumb decisions. They are self-centered, egotistical, big-headed, arrogant, small-minded decisions based on what I would gain in my “now” without thought of what I would lose in my life maybe forever. Don’t kid yourself, there are some things that we lose because of the actions that we commit to without resistance and every time that you don’t stand up for you, a piece of your strength dies. To this cause is why most alcoholics and drug addicts, whoremongers and thieves, liars and backbiters lack the power to walk away. They knew they were falling weak to something stronger than them, but they lacked the tenacity to walk away. This same revelation affects our children. I am not speaking of the bully this time, I am speaking about peer pressure. We ought to strengthen the resolve in our kids about all of life’s negative attachments. Tell your children why it is wrong, why you did it or not, and what you expect of them. This life you live is not about you, but it is about what God has destined for you to do. Our leaders of tomorrow need their heroes of today! That’s you Mom! That’s you Dad! That’s you Big Bubba! That’s you Sis! That’s you Best Friend! Our friends are ninety percent of the reason that we try new stuff anyways.
I had an Uncle that smoked cigarettes and would drink that nasty cheap beer. My Uncle lived in his part of the apartment home and we lived in ours. But everyone had access to every part of the apartment home. Years went by that he smoked and he would drink. I never wanted any of that nasty stuff like that until I got with a very close friend of mine, and he and another friend were sneaking around smoking and drinking. I didn’t want to seem like the cast out so I decided to try and mimic what I saw them doing. I picked up that cigarette and I puffed away! LOL! Only to blow it right out without inhaling. How did they know I didn’t inhale? Because I didn’t choke! Everybody chokes and coughs on their first encounter. Well, they showed me how to do it and I got a little down my throat. I decided at that time that it wasn’t for me. I coughed, cried, spit, snotted, spit some more, my chest burned, my eyes turned red, and that to me seemed a bit much for just a moment of pleasure. Another day they were drinking beer. My friend’s father would drink a beer or two when he came home off the ship from over the seas longshoreman’s work and a grown man was entitled to what he wanted, right? Well, what he didn’t know was that we would sneak a beer or two also and run outside around the house to a hidden spot where we could do our dirt. I never having tasted alcohol before (lol…I was a church boy y’all) began to sip and sip, slurp and slurp, until hey; this is okay. I can handle this! I started feeling weird and faintish to the point that my friend had to tell me to sit down and guide me to the steps so I wouldn’t fall. He evidently had experienced this before because he knew exactly what to do. Go on and say it…lol, one beer messed me up like that? Yes! Well, everything has consequences or effects that produce affects.
Now, all these years of my Uncle living with us with everyone having access to anything we wanted in either places, I never would have thought to touch his beer or smoke his cigarettes.
Well, I found myself stealing a beer maybe once or twice a week just to see if I could get back to that feeling I had when I was at my friend’s place. And cigarettes? Well he bought them by the box then and he would scatter them across his table so I had no issue picking up a pack of cigarettes and trying to smoke a few. I would hide the pack of cigarettes in a secret place around the backside of the house so that no one would find them. By the way, we saved aluminum cans back then so, after drinking the beer, I would just hide the beer can mixed in with all the other beer cans that were out back. Well, I can’t remember who caught me, but I GOT CAUGHT!!!
I don’t remember if I got caught with the cigarettes, and I never got the concept down with that anyways, but I am sure I got caught drinking a beer! I was a church boy y’all!!! Man, I got the whooping of my Life, but watch this! Whoever it was that caught me was wise enough to know that I didn’t start that there. They asked me who I had done that with before and how many times. I believe I did tell. Does that make me a snitch???? LOLOL!

We as children or even young adults don’t understand that the causes that we put into motion from a moment of non-self-control can cause us a lifetime of grief. Pay attention please. Remember I told you all I stole the cigarettes and I stole the beer? Well, as the older generation would say it, my hands got light and I decided that there were some other things that I wanted. It started with stealing from my grandmother. She kept money in an envelope hidden in a secret place. At first, I stole a five-dollar bill. I got away with it? I Kept increasing the amount I would steal until finally I got the nerves to steal one-hundred. Later that evening upon returning from school and enjoying my day filled with all the candy and sweets, and all the ladies loving me because I bought them ice cream at school or an extra pizza (corny, right?), I heard my grandmother and my grandfather arguing about that one-hundred, how we were already poor, and just couldn’t afford to lose money for no reason at all. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “If you Lie, you will steal?” Well, this worked in reverse for me. My grandmother called me and confronted me about the missing money. Why would she do that? Because I got caught stealing cookies out of her cookie jar on several occasions and I thought no one was in the home when I did it. Eventually, even a thief will try and graduate himself to bigger and better things, and my grandmothers suspicion about me was right! But I lied until the end. I was still a church boy y’all!
However, something did happen to me that night. I got convicted at church! My heart was broken to see my grandmother hurt and have to ask others for the finances to take care of us. I vowed to never steal from her again! But I didn’t tell her about it until maybe 3 years before this book! Had to wait until she got a little older and she couldn’t kill me for lack of strength! Lol.
I shared this story with you because every decision you make directly and indirectly effects and affects your life.
After arriving at Ft Campbell KY for my very first duty station, I met a young lady to whom my eldest daughter shares our DNA. Well, during she and I dating, I did something stupid that deserved more than the punished outcome that I received for my crime. The military periodically have field exercises to which the soldiers would go and live or camp out in the field to simulate “Real War” scenarios. This rotation, because I was a cook and just arriving to this duty station, I was afforded the opportunity to stay in the rear or the barracks while several of the other soldiers went to the field to participate in these battle war strategic practices. My roommate was amongst those that was tasked with the participation of the war games. I watched him pack up his stuff to leave but my eyes and my mind was set on mischief. After they left, I reported in as I was supposed to and even tried to make myself look exceptional to my sergeants. What they didn’t know was at night I was sneaking my roommate’s car keys out of his locker and driving to see my female friend about 20 miles away. That Is the pure definition of a THIEF! Yet because I got away with it the first time I did it, I pumped myself up to do it again. Long story short, I ran a stop sign on my way to see her at about 85 to 90 miles per hour and I got locked up and placed in jail. It was my first time ever being in jail and I was scared but nothing happened to me. My sergeant that was on duty came and got me first light the next morning but when he picked me up, He stated: “You better have a damn good reason why you stole your roommate’s car to go and see your girlfriend.” He said, “Your punishment for this will far outweigh your want to steal anything ever again!”
It felt like they threw the book at me. I had special duty for a year and a half. I had to pay for my roommate’s car to get out the pound. They stole speaker equipment out of his vehicle and busted his windows to which I was responsible of replacing. And on top of all that, did I mention that I was roommates with this guy??? I was a church boy! This couldn’t be happening…
I kept hearing threats of blanket party’s (wrap you in a blanket and beat you) and “Let’s initiate the new guy really good for being a THIEF!” Turns out my roommate was popular. There were people coming from everywhere and they all wanted to have words and fist with me.
The craziest thing happened every time someone approached me to bring me harm. My roommate would not allow anyone to touch me. He went from having major rage in his heart against me to being a protector of sort to his brother. It took some time but he even took me to see my girlfriend just for a moment to add comfort to the situation. My Lady friend did not have a vehicle and in 1992 cell phones were not a necessity…wow! So, her communication with me was limited to barrack calls on a pay phone and I didn’t have a priority when it came to using it. My roommate and I got so close that we started doing things together, like going places and hanging out. Everyone began to marvel at his ability to somehow put this calamity behind him and love me as a brother. I believe he had two decisions in which he could only choose one. He could either hate me and let me be consumed by what he initially thought, and what those other guys wanted him to allow to happen to me or he could change the course of my life forever by allowing loving kindness to draw me back in where I belong. I am so glad that God allowed him to choose the latter! His decisions made me recognize that my decisions were being made without the thought of My Help. I said My HELP!!! I then began reminiscing on the behavior of my past and realized that I had a problem. I got on my knees and begged God to release me from the Spirit of underachievement and that He would rebuke that thieving demon from my life! It is so much more than just realizing that you have a problem. You must find out where your issue came from and why it has attached itself to your life in order, or to order proper prayer for your release. We didn’t have much in my younger years but that gave me no right to just take what I wanted. My family would try and get whatever it was that any of the children and grandchildren desired so we didn’t have to steal. All mischief is a thought and a greedy decision to obey the enemy for a chance to receive what he wants to offer you. The enemy only gives you what will eventually hurt you, but all that he gives to you doesn’t hurt immediately! If it did, you wouldn’t accept or participate in his games. Thank You Jesus! I apologize, but I just had a moment!
Be careful of those things that you allow to grow in your life because you may have gotten away with it once or twice. If God couldn’t watch you do it, then it can’t be right! Don’t ever forget that your Causes will always have an Effect and Affect in your life because of the Unspoken Be – that is what you have put into motion. I thank God, my roommate lived out the command that he wanted to see in my life. His actions spoke “Be Delivered” in my heart and it not only kept me from what could have happened there, but it went back down the path of my unrighteousness – where this all began and scoured all my indiscretions and ungodliness away by showing loving kindness. It could have and should have been another way! Thanks be to our God my Lot was erased. What an amazing God to let you live out your punishment in protection! Whew….


Quincy Brown


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