Details… (an excerpt from my upcoming book “A Letter to the Almost unBeliever.”)


Everyone has heard the expression, “Pay close attention to the Details.” This is probably the most impactful chapter of this book so please pay attention.
The details given as an aide in your life has the power to keep your feet on the correct path, or un- heeded can cause you a life full of missed opportunities staring at you wondering why you aren’t the major part of its attachment. Have you ever seen someone that you know that has the anointing of God all over their life, but it seems their dreams and ambitions never come into fruition? Simply put, they did not follow, apply, share, or they blatantly forsook the details of their life. I don’t care how anointed you are, you will never achieve what you want over that which God already has in line for you to do! However, God is Just enough to give you your hearts desires if it ministers to your spiritual man. Are you saying God doesn’t allow us to obtain things that aren’t in his will for our lives? No! I am saying that just like Jonah, if you choose to go another way, you have now created an altered path for your life, full of trials and tribulations. And although this way may seem right and prosperous, the idea is to get you as far away as possible from the grace of God so that years and years will pass and find you wondering why you haven’t achieved the purpose of your life. Oh, you’ve seen some of these people. They operate at nearly perfect when they are in their element and leave you at WOW! They don’t have to strategize or even hardly prepare for the work they put out in the moment because they are anointed and well-oiled in their gifting. Yet they never achieve beyond the position of where they are to Destiny because as you get older without entering in your perfected place, there are all kinds of distractions set in place to see you fail.

Yes, there is a perfected place! There is a position in which you are walking with God and although many distracting activities are going on around you, He has already promised to never leave you nor forsake you. And if we take the time to commune with Him and stay the course of our lives, He has promised to prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Now, listen intently! Sometimes, the details are not in what I say but what I have implied through how I have provided for you! The end of Psalm 23 states: Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
God has already set everything for you to invite your enemy to dine and listen to your plea for his life, but before the enemy arrives, there are some preparations God must do in you to get you ready to receive your enemy. God will anoint your head with oil. I know you think this is the olive oil that we get from Kroger or some other kind of anointing oil in which the preacher makes a cross on your forehead and prays for you. No! If that was true, then there would be no need to say my cup runneth over. David understood that if he just communed with God and prayed to allow an infilling of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, God would endow him with so much that his cup would run over. You must be ready to deal with your enemy! You can’t just approach him any kind of way. The bible teaches in I Peter 5:8 that the devil goes to and fro seeking whom he may devour. If the enemy prepares to fight you in battle, then you must be ready to counteract all his advances on your life!
For the believer, God has given you an advantage over your haters, If you can just get them to sit down at the dinner table. Watch this! If I thought you were going to poison me, I would have never come to your home and allow you to feed me something I didn’t watch you prepare! But because your enemy did come, there is a possibility of three things that may be transpiring. One, I never wanted to be your enemy! Two, I heard from someone else and what they said caused me to feel dusty towards you. Or three, you may be my enemy but I know to keep you close! Why? The enemy can see the call of God on your Life. It (people especially) know that if they push you away too much, they void any hope of them ever attaching themselves to who you may become. That statement is why I have a small circle of believers that I travel with in ministry and I challenge their greatness and anointing for preparedness every now and again. You can’t be around me and continue to walk weak with no power. I don’t need anyone around me that barely can pass the test and trials of their current season. I learned from school that if you barely pass the test of the current level or grade, your next grade or level will destroy your tenacity to succeed for lack of understanding and underachievement. They say, “New Level – New Devil,” but I say Same devil – more applied pressure to conform to the things of this world.
The enemies greatest weapon is things that are of this world! Did you hear that? He can’t offer you anything else because it is the place in which he was banished to. He can’t offer you things of God. He can’t offer you things of the Spirit. The only thing that he can offer you is the things of the world or that which appeases the flesh. Worldly things are so enticing because the enemy having magnified our wants of the material things, makes us feel like it is imperative for us to have what he offers or watch this, what other people have. In other words, he has become a good salesman to that which he owns. Any salesman will tell you that before you can sell anything to a perspective buyer, you must first be convincing enough that you would purchase your own product. Now do you understand the “going to and fro seeking whom he may devour?”

Sight causes many altered paths in our lives. We see what Suzie or John has and now we envision the achievable without realistically asking ourselves if it is a need. Now the enemy magnifies this thing as a want in your life and pushes you to the point of vulnerability in your achievable status. Have you ever heard statements like these: “Well she has her husband, or He got his sports car, or maybe she finally achieved {whatever} status?” At what cost was the achievable achieved? What did I have to give up gaining what I didn’t have? Was it worth it all?
Most times, people will tell you that they didn’t need what they wanted most! It was a desire to have what I saw someone else with, and a desire that came from sight or that which illuminated my eyes to a place of consistent want in my psyche. We must not allow anything to magnify in our sight without first visioning the long-term effect of it being in our lives. Questions should arise before the purchase of all things. How can it glorify God? Will I allow it to be used in conjunction of helps for others? Can having what I want bring cause to lessen my communion with God?
Live your life for you and stop competing with others to be them. The great thing about being you is that no matter how hard anyone else tries, they will never fully master your character. For it is your character in which others will try and emulate. Everyone that copies your character are called impersonators. Impersonators are just impressionists that have watched your life or the details of it and now wish to replicate what they studied. I now try and keep my life patterned to holiness so that upon someone trying to imitate my life, my prayer is that the truth of my life will overtake them and God will allow a “come to Jesus” moment for their life. The anointing is attractive and greatness has a beacon of light but woe be unto those that strive to be better than others and not as great as God has created them to be. We all have a purpose and design for our own lives without taking on the properties and responsibilities of fulfilling someone else life.

When I was about 9 or 10, I knew my probable path for my life was to either be an Engineer or that I would drive something. I would take my grandmother’s heavy rake and draw out on the dirt a path for us to race our bikes on, grooved enough for our dirt bikes, but large enough to project the paths we must take until the completion of the race. After making the route, I would hang some make shift signs to indicate which way to go and/or what turn to take. Before the race, I would gather the riders together and take them thru the course explaining the rules and the way to go, careful to mention what was out of bounds and what would disqualify you from the race. I would also give instructions to those that were on the side line watching the race to stay out of the lanes of travel and be mindful that these bikes are travelling at a high rate of speed (I didn’t know to say velocity at the time).
It was my own rules that I violated on one race day that caused me embarrassment, and a literal mark to show for it forever. I got in the line of travel as two of my friends were rounding a curve and not only did the handle bar of one of the bikes knock me down, but the metal jagged pedal of one of the bikes went in my forehead. Thank God, my grandmother was home and saw it. She nursed me back to health.
Often, we will choose the correct path or journey for our lives. We will understand the rules of engagement before the start and attempt to follow through on our promise to make it to the end or stay the course of that which the Preparer has advanced before you. My brothers and sisters, distractions no matter how small can cause you great distance between you and God. I jumped on the track just for a little peak into where the riders were at on the course, and because of my disobedience to the very rule that I created, I now wear a permanent mark in my forehead of two pedal mark indentations. What are you saying Quincy? If you accept the way, don’t allow your curiosity to make you misstep outside of your own set of rules. “Most distracting marks are for a lifetime and will permanently leave you scarred and off track of your destiny!” -Quincy Brown

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