***3 minute Study***
…a Q-Study!

People need to stop using the cliche’ of “I need to make myself happy before I can make someone else happy.” They preface that statement with, “you need to find happiness in you.”
1st of all, what?

I am not trying to be super deep but last I checked, the only spiritual alive gift left inside of us is the Holy Ghost, and the Power of our creator through the Ruach HaKodesh or the wind, breath of God.
All other gifting is tangible to talentable meant to be used as an aide to your life, or as an offering to God for Him to receive glory.

Happiness is a spiritual satisfaction to and for an outward emotional display. They say find happiness within yourself, but… if i was created not for me and to the lending of another person’s uplifting and reasoning for being, that means that my happiness must be obtained through the understanding and conjoining spiritual joy of one’s capacity to see all my issues, gains, and shortcomings, and thought provokingly be well with it.
Simply put how can I find happiness in me when it doesn’t dwell there? If it ain’t in me it has to come from somewhere!

This is why so many people try and find joy in others. THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO!

If you ask those that are Rich in quoted content, decidingly single, or even transparently lonely…they all have one thing in common. They are not satisfied by themselves. Most will either have a pet, take up hobbies, or even do great getaways to try and balance the missing aspect of sharing your time with some thing.
– God created Adam and after watching how Adam interacted with everything, decided that it wasn’t good for him to be alone. Well, Adam wasn’t alone….HE HAD GOD!…and every other living thing God instructed him to name. How is it that he wasn’t happy or it wasn’t good for him to be here with just his creator and the fishes, birds, and sea creatures, etc…and God performed an operation to create for him a companion, but you believe YOU can find this form of joy IN YOUR SELF?
Stop it!

We were placed here for each other, to help or aide each other, and inspire one another. When David encouraged himself, he thought of the goodness of his loved ones, the cohesiveness he shared with his soldiers before that moment, and the love he knew he shared with his creator. This sparked his encouragement to prayer and ultimately triumph as his Holy Ghost reminded him of who he was and whom he was connected to!

Here it is: I don’t know anyone that found their happiness without engaging someone else’s pursuit for the same gifting.

Scripture teaches to love God…heart, mind, and soul….then love your neighbor. Why????

Because if you are doing those 2 things….you will never be alone and happiness is right at your “Hello.”

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