The ant of my Life!


Have you ever stood in an ant pile🐜 unbeknownst to you? It wasn’t until you noticed the ants had crawled up your leg/legs, gravitating to that one spot(usually), and then YOU NOTICED IT AND TENSED UP… that they bit you.
Have you ever asked yourself… how did I not know they were crawling🐜 up my leg?😑 It was more than 1; how did I not feel that? Why did they stop in 1 place to bite me? Why did they wait to attack instead of attacking immediately?

You know, as I puzzled🤔🤨🙄 this in my head, I thought about how the enemy backdoors🚪 most of us. Some let him in, but most get the sneak attack of the enemy☻. Most times, in the midst of a fall… we were warned repeatedly and even given a way of escape👟🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️, but we often fail to heed the warnings after several instances of the same nature. We fail once, twice, three times😞… and the enemy begins to cozy up or warm our thought process☻🤫 to that one thing that we like that is not so easy to let go or get out of our lives.

But watch this… the minute you begin to stress(tense up)😳 in the situation… the enemy begins to apply an exceeding amount of pressure(bites)🤧😷 to your life and situation because he understands that his time🕚 is limited now that you have noticed and per this situational level of testing.
Stay focused 👀, the enemy knows it’s time🕚 is up but the pressure, though tough for you… was a focus study for the enemy to learn your strengths and weaknesses. Just as the 1st time you stepped in an ant🐜 bed, the enemy knows you will brush him away… but his focus👀 just as the ants, were on a general area of warmth and weakness❤💔.

See… if you never allow God to clean your wounds, make you whole, and teach📚 you about the passion of the ants🐜(twist it: YOUR LIFE ISSUES👤) you will just find yourself caught in an 🐜ants🐜nest once again.

The way out is Understanding😏. (This next statement will shake you!) All ISSUES are not BAD! Some issues come to TEACH YOU FOCUS! (Notice I didn’t say make you!)

The “Fall” was not a Sentence(as in jail sentence or proclamation📃 over your life), but a learning place for you to grow and strengthen💪.
The Bible📙 admonishes us to be Wise as serpents🐍 yet harmless as doves🕊.
The Wisdom (knowledge) you possess doesn’t have to hurt me… but it should awaken YOU and keep you from standing in dangerous places🚫.

Catch this: The ants weren’t really out to attack you..; it knows you are the stronger vessel! But because you weren’t WATCHING👀 WHERE YOU WERE GOING, you gave it an opportunity to steal, kill, and destroy(excuse me…feed).


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