My Valentine…

Amazing to see people making themselves miserable for Valentine’s day. I have heard it all from….I have my own love day, it is a day of lust, I just don’t celebrate it, or even I got to many girlfriends!!!!

Just wanted to say this and see what happens.
People hate Valentine’s Day for 1 of the 3 or all these reasons.

1. Nobody to Celebrate with in TRUTH!!! (Anyone can buy flowers, candy, teddy bears, etc…on a particular day and say I love you. That’s simple. True players love this day because they can show out with something greater like a diamond, car, or house and most women will feel indebted because of the tangible.

But, the Greatest expression of love yesterday took place over a regular dinner; and the husband or wife whispered her/his name and said, I Love You…knowing that everyday he expresses how much just uttering those words mean to him.)

2nd Reason: You have Lost someone that meant a lot to you through matters controlled or uncontrolled. (If your loved one has transitioned or is deployed…I’m not talking to you. But if your man or woman is gone because of your mistakes or theirs…the objective theory is to learn from it, not become a part of it! Don’t let the spirit of loneliness, and settling come in your heart. That crap makes you BITTER!!!! You are only bitter because you’re alone. Do better…

I speak to your inner man to put on as nice outfit, change your vocabulary, do something with your breath, keep your hair done, fellas…wash…; keep yourselves groomed, have something to offer instead of always taking. She ain’t here to make you…she is here to help you. You make you fool! A WOMAN WAS TAKEN FROM US TO BE GIVEN TO US WITH Compatibilities, SIMILARITIES, OR… FRANKLY…THE MARROW OF MY BLOOD, GIVEN TO YOU, SHOULD MIRROR HIS BLOOD! This is why when the husband does something, it looks like what the wife would do. It is the cause of the saying…”the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” True love mimics or looks like where it comes from!

3rd Reason: You are Career focused and just rather fight through those moments of indiscretion. Whew…this right here…holds independent women and women that say they can’t find anyone. Those crazies that say Jesus is their LOVER and HE Makes love to them to the point of orgasmic feelings. Wait….what???? Yasss!!!! I have heard it all!!!!!
But if God…who is Spirit makes love to you who is fleshly…isn’t that against HIS very Word? Is not that an abomination? How is this different or better than the creation of Giants in the land? God forbid! I speak to that lust full demon..that Spirit of Perversion attacking your life now and cast that demon to a Dry Place to wither up and die…in Jesus Name!

Waiting patiently on Boaz is 1 thing. There is a reward for those that are Faithfully waiting on God to bless them. But if in between your wait you dabble…

Well….you are producing the kind of man…men that you want to be around you and whom your Spirit attracts.

**When I was split in adultery and fornication, that type which I acted out, was the type drawn to me…Single and married. It wasn’t until I confessed to God that I had a problem that He sent my help.

– Tired of being alone and projecting an image of someone or something you know you aren’t or rather not be????

Confess your Truth!!!
You will never be delivered…LYING TO YOURSELF!!!

…a QBook!!!

See: Preacher with my Daddy’s Genes or click here…

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