Dr Sherry Gaither (Strongholds Christian Church) preached a message Sunday morning about forgiveness. I didn’t attend service because of work BUT… the word made it’s way back to my house and to me.
– This message inspired my wife and I to discuss forgiveness not only within ourselves, but in the lives of our children also. I have previously spoken about forgiveness in my book entitled: “Preacher with my Daddy’s Genes.”

*The hard part is hurt takes up residence in your heart like a cancer and we often brush it aside instead of dealing with the issue. We minimize the long term affect of negativity and how it slowly will eat at everything we are as human beings.

In our discussions with our children, I took this a step further and talked to my son about parental hurt. We cannot minimize the truth probability that their thought process just might be different than ours. Kids process differently than adults and although you may have moved your mind away from the hurt and pain of a broken, failed, or troubled marriage and/or relationship; your kids may be having a hard time balancing truth… because remember, you kept them shielded from what you and your significant other went through. Many families with broken relationships strip their kids (not intentionally) from what they believed to be the family background they desired and divorce or broken relationships rarely work out for the children involved. Their lives become programmed. You can see him this summer, this weekend, thursday… but back on Saturday, it’s her Christmas but my Thanksgiving, etc..etc..; without ever really asking the children their input on much of the matters.

Recently my daughter told me that although she facetimes me and talks with me almost every day, no one knows how hurt she feels not to have her dad their at her beckon call. She even ask me did I think about any of that when I decided to move my family to Atlanta and cause an issue they already was dealing with to magnify because I couldn’t be tangible to their beckon calls. Although I felt I answered her questions intelligently, she made me realize that what we decide and want for our kids may or may not be the decision(s) they depicted as the outcome.

I have so much to say on this but I will end this by saying… have the hard discussions with your loved ones. Rather it be your kids, your husband, wife, father, mother, or anyone that you felt hurt by; take it to God and then take it to the Offense!

Because I promise you, if you don’t the enemy will seek to devour your thoughts on the matter causing hatred in your heart about matters that you may not have all the facts on. It is inhumane for people to just hate. Something causes it. If you never seek the Truth, dead animals and food brushed aside will decay and stink soon after causing irreversible hatred off of a lie!!!!!!

***Be aware of the vultures that can smell rotting carcasses from miles away! They will prey on your vulnerabilities and cause you misery just as they adore.

…a Q – Moment!

Quincy M Brown

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