Forgiveness! Dr Sherry Gaither (Strongholds Christian Church) preached a message Sunday morning about forgiveness. I didn’t attend service because of work BUT… the word made it’s way back to my house and to me. – This message inspired my wife and I to discuss forgiveness not only within ourselves, but in the lives of our… Read More

A Great Read! @Preacherdaddys

My Valentine…

❤Valentine❤ Amazing to see people making themselves miserable for Valentine’s day. I have heard it all from….I have my own love day, it is a day of lust, I just don’t celebrate it, or even I got to many girlfriends!!!! Just wanted to say this and see what happens. People hate Valentine’s Day for 1… Read More

The ant of my Life! Listen…👂, Have you ever stood in an ant pile🐜 unbeknownst to you? It wasn’t until you noticed the ants had crawled up your leg/legs, gravitating to that one spot(usually), and then YOU NOTICED IT AND TENSED UP… that they bit you. Why?🤔 Have you ever asked yourself… how did I not know they were… Read More