The Highest Praise?

  I found out that the highest praise you can give God is Obedience. Anyone can say a word out their mouth and not mean what they say, but to obey doesn’t necessarily require a visual response or a vocal chanting. Just an inward desire to be true! – Hallelujah is the highest vocal response… Read More


Causes and Effects/Affects- “Be.” – an excerpt from the upcoming book: “A Letter to the Almost unBeliever.”

Causes and effects/affects of “Be.” To really process all that was happening in my Life, I had to truly step outside of me for a moment and observe all my proclivities and responses to that which motions my senses. Not only did I realize my imbalance, but I had journeyed more toward the effects of… Read More

The ant of my Life!

Heartlovelife.net Listen…πŸ‘‚, Have you ever stood in an ant pile🐜 unbeknownst to you? It wasn’t until you noticed the ants had crawled up your leg/legs, gravitating to that one spot(usually), and then YOU NOTICED IT AND TENSED UP… that they bit you. Why?πŸ€” Have you ever asked yourself… how did I not know they were… Read More

Truth NEVER Mind!

Heartlovelife.net *Ministry Leadership moment* Mother Trish says: What we focus, hear, and tend to believe from an emotional display can NEVER be allowed to replace the purity of Truth! – The right answer is Always available when an individual of true moral compass searches beyond their proclivities of what they feel(beliefs). @KaneshiaCBrown


Heartlovelife.net ***3 minute Study*** …a Q-Study! People need to stop using the cliche’ of “I need to make myself happy before I can make someone else happy.” They preface that statement with, “you need to find happiness in you.” 1st of all, what? I am not trying to be super deep but last I checked,… Read More