The Highest Praise?

  I found out that the highest praise you can give God is Obedience. Anyone can say a word out their mouth and not mean what they say, but to obey doesn’t necessarily require a visual response or a vocal chanting. Just an inward desire to be true! – Hallelujah is the highest vocal response… Read More


Causes and Effects/Affects- “Be.” – an excerpt from the upcoming book: “A Letter to the Almost unBeliever.”

Causes and effects/affects of “Be.” To really process all that was happening in my Life, I had to truly step outside of me for a moment and observe all my proclivities and responses to that which motions my senses. Not only did I realize my imbalance, but I had journeyed more toward the effects of… Read More

What does it Achieve?

Heartlovelife.net When you do it, does it have Kingdom value? Can it help someone? Will it cause Victory? Will it restore? Cause Change? Heal? Deliver? Help to Focus? Only that in which you do for Christ will last! Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. COLOSSIANS 3:2 AMP https://bible.com/bible/1/col.3.2.AMP

What If…

Heartlovelife.net What if this scripture actually meant… keep the faith that I(God) am watching over it all? – The apostle was giving instructions on servants, masters, and obedience. He got to the end of his discourse and said, Finally. That means this was the last thought on this subject and he was about to teach… Read More

Details… (an excerpt from my upcoming book “A Letter to the Almost unBeliever.”)

Heartlovelife.net Details Everyone has heard the expression, “Pay close attention to the Details.” This is probably the most impactful chapter of this book so please pay attention. The details given as an aide in your life has the power to keep your feet on the correct path, or un- heeded can cause you a life… Read More